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Home Watch — a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.


Home Watch

Home Watch services available for home owners in Lake Havasu City. Service for your second home or short term needs for permanent residents leaving for vacation.

Colorado River Home Watch will check your home on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis. For instance:

  • Are there any problems with the exterior of the home and the surrounding grounds?
  • Are all accesses to the home secure or there any signs of tampering or unauthorized entry?
  • Has there been any weather-related damage or potential damage?
  • Are there newspapers, mail or junk around the outside of the house?
  • Is the interior of the home sound with no outward appearance of problems or potential problems?

After we check your home, we will notify you that we have been there and what we found. If a problem is found that requires immediate attention, we will contact you for your direction on how to proceed. If you require a contractor or vendor, we can be available to provide access to your home.

To see a more thorough list of our checks, please go to Services.


Housekeeping services available for Home Watch Clients.

 You (or your guests) shouldn’t spend time on arrival making your home ready for occupancy. Colorado River Home Watch can take care of the house cleaning so that your home is clean and fresh and ready for your enjoyment!

  • All rugs and carpets thoroughly vacuumed and spot cleaned where necessary
  • Hard surface floors mopped and cleaned
  • Every area dusted top to bottom
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized
  • Sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers sparkling clean
  • Linens changed and laundered
  • Stove and other kitchen appliances cleaned inside and out
  • Any other details requiring attention handled accordingly

Whether you’re renting your home to vacationers, making it available to family and friends, or returning home yourself, you can be assured that it will be immaculate upon arrival.

Your peace of mind is waiting….

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